Dream Portuguese House for Rent

I’m off to Spain next week and my brain is already in the Holiday Mood.

I was looking online for holiday houses and I came across Casa1505 designed by one of my favourite Portuguese architects: Eduardo Souto de Moura.

The House is located in Porto, can host up to 6 people and is available to rent  “just” 775£ per week.

Casa 1515_Porto_Eduardo Souto de Moura

I absolutely love this little window with the typical Portuguese pattern. He carefully mixes contemporary architecture  with the traditional elements of the surrounding area.


The simple staircase is incredible beautiful and pure, especially the first step made of marble, which is a trademark part of the architect’s style.

Casa 1515_Porto_Eduardo Souto de Moura

The house consists of two separate volumes unified by interior gardens.

Architect: Eduardo Souto de Moura Casa 1015, Porto,

The outdoor patio is perfect for an early morning breakfast, or late evening drink, when the sun is going down. The Driade Toy Chairs are just perfect for this space.

Architect: Eduardo Souto de Moura Casa 1015, Porto,One  of the Bedroom is facing the Patio. The Bedroom style is very calm and minimal. The Flos lamp Miss K by Philippe Stark is the only decorative element, together with the 2 red artwork on the wall



The stone cream colour gives a very soft and nice atmosphere to the other bedroom, with en suite bathroom. I really like those simple Black line artwork on the wall. I wonder who the artist is?


And finally the architect’s touch is also on the beautiful entrance and letterbox where the stainless steel is contrasting with the typical stone wall.

Architect: Eduardo Souto de Moura Casa 1015, Porto,

Architect: Eduardo Souto de Moura Casa 1015, Porto,

Such a Beautiful House, I wish I could spend there at least a night….Have a good weekend


P.S. Photo by Tiago Casanova. From The Modern House 



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