Our Black & White Kitchen Mood-board

So, our kitchen is almost done, but before I can share some photos with you (the sockets still need to be placed, so I am holding on before taking some nice photos…) I would like to share a mood board.

As I mentioned on my previous post the room is facing North, so it used to be quite a dark space (not anymore hehe), that’s also why we decided to go for a full white. We fell in love with those anthracite IKEA door handles (HACKÅS Handle), to break a bit the uniformity, and so the B&W theme came together pretty easily. I think is always good even before planning to have some clear idea of what the big picture should look like, so here it is mine:


1/ Artek – Siena oven mitten

2/ H&M Home – Wood Chopping Board

3/ Pure Quartz – Arenastone Bianco Montana

4/ Freshlight Blog

5/ Lovenordic – Blogspot

6/ ToppTiles – Regal Rock Coal

7/ Stelton – Emma Electric Kettle

8/ IKEA – HACKÅS Handle

9/ Hay – Marble tray

10/ Ferm Living – Espresso Cups

11/ GROHE – Minta Kitchen Tap, Velvet Black

12/ IKEA – Variera Box

13/ Coffe Station – Onlydecolove

As always we had to do some sacrifice to stick to a budget (bye bye black Kitchen tap …)  and some of those accessories are just on my wishlist…one day, one day.

Have a lovely weekend xxx



4 thoughts on “Our Black & White Kitchen Mood-board

  1. It looks great, loving the moodboard and the look so far and can’t wait to see it all finsihed! It is getting me excited for my own kitchen too, which I will have to share a moodboard of once we get started. My theme is grey and gold 😉

    Ingrid | thatscandinavianfeeling.com

    Liked by 1 person

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