Beautiful Italian Ceramic Tiles

We finally decided to start thinking of our small flat renovation.  Kitchen and bathroom are desperately needing some love and refresh. While looking for some inspiration online I started thinking about material and ceramic we wanna use (stone will be a dream but is a bit out of our budget). So last weekend I was in Italy and I discovered some new lovely ceramic manufactured, have a look:

1/ KRONOS Ceramiche

Beautiful ceramic with a different texture, and incredible grey shades (my top favourite…). I loved the Prima Materia  with a special concrete looking finish and Talco collection with its interesting texture. Kronos_Prima Materia


They can produce custom-made pieces, like bathroom tops and sink, which is very handy and they look so pure and simple.

Kronos_Prima Materia

Kronos Talco


Think bigger! I was so impressed to see those massive slats (320 x 120 cm!) of porcelain of just 6.5 mm thickness. They look absolutely great ( think about no joints line…) but, I am not sure they will work in a small space like my small bathroom at least not for the floor, but best to use for wall covering… The Carrara Mable effect looked like real marble, it will be perfect as a kitchen splashback.

FONDOVALLE_think big_marble

Fondovalle_ceramic_Think Big

FONDOVALLE_think big


The Metal Corten finishes is impressive too, looks absolutely like real corten, but with the benefit of a ceramic (easy to clean, no stain etc). The price is not even that crazy (roughly around 60 Euro/sqm) but what it makes it expensive is the transport and the installation. Smaller formats are available too!

Fondovalle_Fior di Bosco Bagno


Still, on the big format porcelain slats, I saw this brand last year during the Milan Design Week.  They produce custom-made elements as well as tiling. Again the quality is impressive and of course, all 100% made in Italy (which for me is always a +).

Ariostea_Big Slats

Ariostea_Big Slats

The Concrete Smoke Looking finish is my overall favourite, they have a wood version collection, but I personally think that wood is always warmer when it’s real… The Marble effect is also beautiful and always a winner. Some products are also available in a smaller format (100×100 etc ).

Ariostea_Big Slats

4/ Marazzi Ceramiche 

A quite well-known brand, it opened a showroom in London last year (which is beautiful, go and have a look if you have a chance).  The Ceppo di Gre’ collection brought me straight back to Milan (it’s a very traditional stone there ) and it’s nice to see it back in fashion, it looks lovely in every room

Marazzi_Ceppo di Gre

Marazzi_Ceppo di Gre

The Black Lavagna (Slate) is another winner. My mum had it in her kitchen and it looks stunning with the contrast of a full white kitchen…

Marazzi_ Lavagna

Perfect also for Outdoors (most of the porcelain ceramics normally are) and it’s available in white colour too.

Marazzi_ Lavagna

Well, there’s a lot to think about it now… Hope you’ll find it useful, I think a good ceramic finish could improve the look of any space, even if small, like our bathroom. What’s your experience with tiles? do you know how to pick the right one and the right size? I’m thinking about writing a post about it soon…

I’m off for a walk with some friends now, the sun is shining even if it’s super cold outside! Have a lovely weekend!!!


P.S. This isn’t a sponsored post, opinions are 100% my own. Photos are from respective websites.


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