10 Best Alarm Clock (New Year Resolution)

Hello everyone and Happy new year! I hope you had a lovely start, I disappeared a bit from social media and the blog, as I was spending some lovely time both in Ireland and Italy. It’s been one of the longest Xmas holidays I had in ages and I really enjoyed that!

This year resolution will be just one, and I’ll have to try and stick to it: switch off from the phone a bit more (travelling to a place without a good internet connection of wifi made me realize how addicted I am to it…). So as soon as we got home my lovely husband suggested starting by keeping the phones away from the bedroom and getting an old style Alarm Clock.

Now that might sound funny but it’s hard to still find alarm clocks in shops as everyone is using mobiles phones, and especially to find nice design ones…. but with a little research here’s my top 10 alarm clock list:


1/ Cubic Alarm Clock – Newgate

2/ Flip Alarm Clock – Lexon

3/ Cube Aluminium Click Clock – GingkoElectronics

4/ Railway Station Alarm Clock – Muji

5/ Anke Essential Alarm Clock – MadedotCom

6/ Braun Alarm Clock – Braun

7/ Norm Thumbler Alarm Clock – Menu

8/ HK Clock – Georg Jensen

9/ Franky Concrete Alarm Clock – Karlsson

10/ Brick Alarm Clock – Leff Amsterdam


They all look very nice and they can really add a nice finishing touch on a bedside table. I went for the number 3, The cube aluminium one. I really like the simple minimal design and also I love the fact that it activates just with a clap of your hands or a little tap.

Do you use alarm clocks in the bedroom?Or are you all phone alarm addicted?

Cube_Alarm_Clock_ilbt_0 (7 of 21)

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