10 Favourite Artworks from Affordable Art Fair 2017

Also this year I visited the Affordable Art Fair in the beautiful Battersea Park (so irresistible with all his autumns colors). Same as last year I didn’t bring any artworks home ( sigh!) but I selected my top 10 list of beautiful things: here we are:

1/ Sophie Derrick | Portrait 


Beautiful big size digital prints and covered with acrylic colors. This young artist is photographing the act of painting onto her own my skin and then paint on top of the photographs,  blurring the boundaries between the two. Lovely pastel and bold colors are a bold artwork that will fit every space (and my husband n.1 favorite from the fair).

DegreeArt Gallery

2/ Mark Vessey | Absolutely XL

Mark Vessey_Absolutely XL

Love the delicate tone if this photography it took me a while to understand what it actually was… This British photographer celebrates icons of popular culture and the part they play in our lives. Lovely idea and very well achieved.

Olivia Connelly 

3/ Raffaele Cioffi | Light Painting


Beautiful calm abstract works by this Italian Artist. The use of light and colour is really capturing. I really enjoy the red ones. but all his other works has got a sense of light and time passing that is really intriguing. Sort of modern italian Rothko (if you let me…).

 EYE contemporary art gallery

4/ Chad Goei – Abstract works


Pastel colors seem to be really on trend this year. If you combine them with the geometric shape you’ll have those beautiful artworks by this self-taught  American artist.

His works are created on birch panels as a starting point to then be painted with vynil (a smoother acrylic painting with an ultra-matte look). I really liked the mix of wood and pop colors, and interesting mix.

KAHN Gallery – London

5/ Jeffrey Milstein – NY and London

You couldn’t notice those BIG size aerial photography by this talented photographer.

I’ve been on a helicopter shoot myself and I can guarantee that it’s not easy to take a shot looking straight down without feeling dizzy. I was particularly in love with the London Gherkin shot that emphasize the particular building pattern, but even the NY ones are pretty incredible, the big scale (100 x 140cm) was making it even more special.

ARTITLED Contemporary

6/ Byung Chul, WOO 

Byung Chul_woo

I have a particular love for sketches, I can’t help sorry, probably professional deformation. This south Korea artist cathed my attention: Woo Byung Chul combining the digital image with from analog, in a very subtle way. they look like super detail hand sketch of cities, all made with oil on canvas. lots of lovely details on those painting that looks like coming out from a Moleskine sketchbook.


7/ Sally McKay – Moving Figure


Central to Sally’s artists’ practice are the moving figure, rhythm, and energy: she focuses on live performance. I was really attracted by those 2 small prints, the clean blue colors, and the sense of action and movement is really creating something delicate and beautiful. (price was also one of the most affordable …).


8/ Kate Henderson – Big Sur

KATE HENDERSON_big-sur-_battersea

That very pure and simple sculpture couldn’t catch my eyes. This beautiful composition is made by polished plaster and bronze and is crafted by using traditional skills and tools. A truly lovely piece of art. Have a look at Kate website, as she also works as a creative design consultant, and you’ll realize you probably have seen some of her pieces around shops and retails…..


9/ Frea Buckler – Brightly

Beautiful colorful prints, again with geometrical shape (it seems to be quite a thing…). I was captured by the shape and 3d effect the artist was able to create, it looked like a sort of beautiful Japanese origami. A truly nice piece of art, to lift up any space.


10/ J J Marino – People

Another Italian artist, from Napoles. His interesting in people movements and union is reflecting on those bi/tridimensional paintings. The people are originally represented with bumps of oil paint on the canvas, creating an interesting tridimensional effect.


Surely lots more on my radar, but I think my top favorite is the first one….unfortunately a bit out of a budget. Which one is yours? I’m off to see Bonfire nights at Alexandra Palace now and off again to NY (for work this time) on Sunday. Have a lovely weekend!




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