A Minimal Wedding Mood board

Hello! I’m still recovering after the last two weeks from all the emotions I’ve been through.
Everyone said organising a wedding is stressful (I would say more fun than stressful), but no one ever told me that you will still feel so full of the emotions a few days after.
I don’t want to turn this blog into a wedding one but I just thought I’d  share with you my mood board and hopefully, once I got our professional photos I could share a few more with you:

1/ Modern Table set
2/ Design Kartell Ghost Chairs
3/ Long tables ( We always wanted long tables rather than circular ones, but bear in mind that they can take lot of space. It was a brave decision but everyone loved it at the end)
4/ A minimal and simple white Calle bouquet
5/ Personal name tags
6/ A hanging table seat (we hanged our on a beautiful tree)
7/ Minimal and customize graphic typography
8/ Green Rice holder for the church (yes, I love the rice tradition, so italian)
9.10/ Green Eucalyptus and few lysantrum flowers. We wanted to keep the flowers colour very minimal and mainly green (that didn’t really keep the price down haha)
11/ Artisan Wedding Ring by Algaya jewellery


minimal wedding invite

Our Minimal Wedding Invitation



Few notes:
This mood board was used as a reference to show my idea to the different providers, but bear in mind that not everything is customisable at a wedding (I would have loved to have the Kartell Ghost chairs, but that would have been extra £/person as the catering will have to hire them) so you’ll always have to make some compromises..

I decided to design most of the graphic myself, and I loved it, but make sure you have enough time, or you’ll end up like me clipping menus and tags etc the night before.

Have fun: at the end of the day, you’re organising a big party if something doesn’t go according to plan…who knows what’s the original plan really was?


Photo credit:
1 theperennialstyle 2/ weddingomania  3/ PerfectBridal  4/  5/Rosemary table place   6/ XoBespoke Seating Chart  7/ Drinks menu  8/ Marco Frigerio Eventi  9/   10/ Aglaia Jewellery  
Sorry but some of them I saved on my laptop and I can’t find the original source…pls let me know if you know the owner it and I will add it on…

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