Blackstone House

Last weekend it was Openhouse here in London, the most amazing architectural festival that gives free public access to lots of buildings in the capital and around the country. While most of the people generally hit for the iconic buildings in the city center, this year I opted to stay local and I discovered a beautiful gem just around the corner from my house:

Black Stone Building_ILBT

This new build is designed by 6aArchitects  and is nestled tightly into an irregular corner plot in North London and is split into three apartments.

The client – an artist and restaurateur – briefed the architects with a series of her own photographs depicting the stacking of everyday objects. The result is a minimal space, with a very strong character. The materials are rough ready, a perfect combination of wood, exposed concrete, brass and scratched white stucco.

The featured staircase is the fluid that connects the 3 apartments. The top floor apartment is the most beautiful one and has been decorated by the homeowner with an exquisite taste using a mix of old and new pieces.

Black Stone Building_ILBTThe restored carpenter’s table welcomes you at the entrance of the flat and is showing a selection of the artist working tools


Black Stone Building_ILBT

The living space opens up to the right and it’s dominated by a high double space, filled with natural light. The simple yellow Hay Hackney Sofa is the only modern piece of furniture, while the two armchairs are some lovely finds from the homeowner.

Black Stone Building_ILBT

Black Stone Building_ILBT

Piles of books are simply stacked on the floor (she mentioned that she didn’t select a bookshelf yet) but we all agreed that they give to this artist’s house a lot of more of character.

By the living room, a nice covered terrace (perfect for the London weather) is open both in the kitchen and living side and creates a nice relaxing corner full of green and privacy…

Black Stone Building_ILBT

Simple and rustic materials have been used for the kitchen too. a very calm and modern space.

Upstairs, there is the master bedroom with a window overlooking the living room, a spacious bathroom and…a secret terrace (my favorite bit…)

Black Stone Building_ILBT

Black Stone Building_ILBT

Black Stone Building_ILBT

I really like those chairs (above, same of the living) anyone has got an idea of which kind/style they are?

The bathroom, narrow and long has got a clever division between shower and bath and it gets natural light from the rooftops skylight. A simple, yet practical layout

Black Stone Building_ILBT

The all flat is also filled with some cute little pieces of art (some of which I guess are from the artist herself).

Black Stone Building_ILBT

I love the use of space of this house and the owner did an amazing job with the furniture selection and styling, I am truly in love with it and I’m glad they decided to share it with everyone during OpenHouse weekend!



P.S. Al the photos are by me, with the owner’s permission.


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