Welcome Home and New Discoveries

After being on holiday for a week, I’m back in a sunny London full of energy! Sometimes a little break is what you need!!!

And what’s better than discovering that there’s a new kid in town? Yes, because ARKET just opened a shop on Regent’s Street

The Scandinavian brand from the H&M group is a ‘modern day market that offers essential products for men, women children and the home. ARKET in Swedish means ‘sheet of paper’ and it alludes to concepts like Archive, Archetypes, Market. Sustainability is also one of the main values of the company,  from the materials sources to the making process.

I’m planning a visit to the shop soon, as it looks very sleek and it also includes a cafe’ (a brilliant idea so the boys can wait and eat cinnamon buns while we browse around). In the meantime, I made a little wish list from the home section (my favorite): everything looks incredibly stylish in its simplicity (I’d say a mix in between IKEA and MUJI) and also without breaking the bank…


1/ Small Water Jug
2/ Thin Medium Bowl
3/ Long Wood serving spoons
4/ Medium Wood Chopping Board
5/ Geranium Hand wash
6/ Linen Striped Tea towel
7/ Spouted Mixing Jug  
8/ Hand Balm
9/ Small Organizer tray
10/ Small glass flower pot


Don’t you find them all simply beautiful? I can’t wait to go to the shop now, the clothes are also very nice, have a look at their beautiful website for the full list and … fill your basket!!





P.S. No adv on this post, just my personal opinion on those beautiful things….

(photos credit: Arket website)

4 thoughts on “Welcome Home and New Discoveries

    • Thanks for your vote I vote you back (since we are in diff categories).
      I still didn’t visit the shop yet, but I can’t wait!!!! Let me know how is the cream if you get it :-)xx


    • I knowww I wanna buy everything….and I can’t wait to visit the shop, as it looks amazing!!!!! Shame they don’t deliver to Croatia, but I’m sure your friend will be happy to get you some 🙂


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