One year of Beautiful Things

I cannot believe it’s been 1 year since my blog adventure began!!! When I first started I couldn’t imagine that I would stick to it and keep posting, and now here I am, writing a quick summary of this year so far:

I love beautiful things_Blog

1/ I met lots of lovely people who share the same interests as me, both here and on Instagram, I couldn’t imagine the big and friendly the community is;

2/ My house got published in a few online magazines and websites, very excited about that, it’s nice to share my little space with other people;

3/ I’ve been nominated for the Amara Interior Blog Awards under the Newcomers Blog category!  I’m very excited about this and I’d thrilled just to get the chances to get into the finals, but of course, I need your help!!!Voting is gonna start soon…

4/ I found out that my English isn’t as good as many other bloggers, but…I don’t care, we all make mistakes, and one of the ideas of the blog was also to improve my written skills, (so please forgive me if you see some mistakes every now and then);

5/ I became more and more selective with what I publish here and especially with the photos that I take….it’s all about quality of beautiful things!

6/ I realised that I haven’t generally shared photos or private facts about me here, but  actually the blogs which I like most have got a more personal feeling, so I will try and share more (and try not to think ‘ah most of the people won’t care about what’s going on in my life…’);

7/ I’d love to photograph more houses and Interiors, I really enjoy the process of visiting someone else home and to try to tell a story about it. Hopefully, I will have more opportunities soon;

8/ I discovered lots of new and independents brands, with lovely beautiful things (and I’ve been pretty good not to follow my instinct and buy everything). I’d love to connect more with these kinds of little independent brands with nice stories behind them…

9/ I’d like to connect more with the blog community and get to know more people like me;

10/ Most importantly, I’d love to thank you guys who are reading this pages and taking some time to comment on my posts, it really makes my day and gives me more energy to keep writing.

Love xx


i love beautifulthings_blog02

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