Design Hotel in Lecco – Casa sull’albero

I’ve been home quite often in the last month (due to a special event I’m planning in October…). The last time that I was there, I had the opportunity to visit this amazing design Hotel: La casa sull’albero in Lecco.


The hotel is composed by two modern villas made of wood and glass designed by a local Architect: Giorgio Melesi.

With just 12 rooms and suites it looks like a private house, surrounded by a peaceful garden, and tall trees and with a breathtaking view over Lake Como.


The spacious rooms are very minimal and simple, but at the same time very luxury, with a mix of Italian and Scandinavian furniture.

But the main element of this all project is the nature – with all those big glazed facades, the guests felt surrounded by the green all the time.


The small scale of this hotel is perfect for creating privacy and spaces to relax in. Even if there are no restaurant facilities, there’s an Honest Kitchen that is open 24hrs: a  room where you can come and serve yourself with drinks and snacks with a pretty good view of the mountains and Lake Como (or Lake Lecco, as we like to call it!).


In between the other facilities, there’s a swimming pool, spa, gym, conference room. I really liked the pool, even if it’s on the small scale… (it was a particularly hot day when I visited and wanted to jump in ahha).




Events and art exhibition are also often held in this venue. I really liked the painting & sculptures by the local artist Michela Milani.

And then… this view… can’t stop thinking about it:


Are you booking your stay yet?




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