Zeitraum KOSI Collection

January is a neverending month, but we’re finally getting to the end of it …

As a last January post, I want to share a new Find: THE KOSI collection by Zaitraum. The use of natural oak wood and pastel colors on those photos are making me dreaming about fresh spring days…

zeitraum_kosi collection

I really like the simple, minimal bed, and I remember I struggled a lot (especially here in UK) to try and find an alternative to IKEA. The KOSI BED is really nice and seems also very comfy. It’s available also with a nice curvy Headboard, but I have to say I prefer the simpler version.

zeitraum_kosi collection

The matching BENCH and bedside table are so cute and are suitable for any kind of space, not just the bedroom. The elliptical legs are a nice and original detail:

zeitraum_kosi collection

zeitraum_kosi collection

The Bedside table NIGHT with simple lines has got a secret hidden space, revealed by moving the tabletop sideways. It’s compact – just 40 cm wide- which makes it perfect for small rooms (like my house….).

zeitraum_kosi collection

zeitraum_kosi collection

zeitraum_kosi collection

I think the little narrow bench  BANK is my favorite piece, it will look really nice in a hallway…. I never came across this brand before, have a look at the rest of the collection, as I think they have some very interesting pieces…


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