Top 10 (affordable) Lounge Chairs

I’ve been on the hunt for a Lounge Chair for a while, I quite like the fact that our living space is open and not cluttered, but at the same time, I’d  love to have a little reading corner, where you can curl up and get cozy while watching some movies…

I quickly realized that beautiful armchairs are pretty expensive – sigh  –  so I started making a short list of my favorite ones:


1/ The Butterfly Armchair – CUERO

Butterfly Chair

Also known as BKF chair, (by the name of the 3 designers Antonio Bonet Castellana, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy )  is always been one of my favorite: simple, minimal, comfortable and flexible.

A funny fact I discovered is that there isn’t and official manufacturer of this piece, but it’s produced in many different countries. I tried in a shop the one manufactured by the Swedish company Cuero and I think it’s too wide for my little corner. A more affordable version is the one produced by Bloomingville , with slightly different dimension and style.

2/ Tribeca Leather Armchair – OLIVER BONAS

Very soft with a modern silhouette, this Tribeca Armchair by Oliver Bonas is really cool and sophisticated.  Not the cheapest, (£495) but it’s made with good quality leather and nice metal structure. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks very comfy 🙂

3/ Mid-Century Show Wood Armchair – WEST ELM

Mid Century - West ElmA modern interpretation of a Mid-Century Classic, this West Elm chair is fresh and elegant and is also on sale at the moment. I really love the Cross Dash print created in collaboration with Los Angeles design studio Commune.

4/ Sigar Armchair –  LOAF


This compact and sleek armchair by the British brand Loaf is young and modern, perfect for a minimal interior with its gray/black tone. It reminds me of the New York Armchair by  Saba which I saw a while ago, (definitely out of budget), this one is also on sale (at the moment) for 285£ !!!

5/ EKENÄSET Armchair – IKEA


A Classic Mid-Century Scandinavian shape, with an affordable price of only 150£. The IKEA EKENÄSET Armchair is a great compromise. I haven’t seen it yet in the flesh, but from the catalogue, I have to say that looks great!

6/ Frame Armchair – MADE.COM

MADE_COM_frame armchair

Soft curves and a sleek contemporary shape. Brass frame and Velvet Fabric: a wonderful pairing. I really love the design of the Frame Armchair , and I had good experience with MADE.COM before, I am just not 100% convinced with the Green Fabric (even if it’s the color of the year) and the only alternative is Pink fabric 😦

7/ Rock Chair – Design House Stockholm

Rock Chair Rocking chair - Design House Stockholm

Funny and young, I saw this chair in Selfridges a few years ago, and almost bought it impulsively! This rocking chair is really so cute with the two rounded contrasted cushions. It’s made from five pieces easily fitting together without the need for any screws or nails. Perhaps it’s just a bit small and low for my corner? But it’s definitely an interesting piece.

8/ Lean lounge chair- WOULD


Edgy shape, small proportion but cozy feeling; simple yet elegant design. Designed by the Danish studio NUR the Lean lounge chair is available in different color shades: gray, mustard and green.

9. Stailberg armchair – BLUESUN TREE

blueuntree_mid century

A modern design, inspired by Danish-style mid century classic. ( You might have noticed that I am very influenced by the mid-century design lately…) Stailberg armchair could be a good addition to add a touch of 50’s to any house, the only downside is the Faux leather cover, which is probably how they make it more affordable.

10/ Berlin Chair – FRENCH CONNECTION

french-connection berlin chair

Maybe not exactly a relaxing chair where you can read your favorite book for hours, but still very modern, compact and chic. This French Connection Armchair is very stylish and feminine (unfortunately not my boyfriend’s favorite….) it is also on sale at the moment for just 160£ !!!

I didn’t make up my mind yet,  I think a Mid-Century one will be perfect for my reading corner, both for dimension and style, perhaps a Vintage one…the research is open. Which one is your favorite?

P.S. Opinions are 100% mine,  prices are correct at time of writing: 21st January 2016

8 thoughts on “Top 10 (affordable) Lounge Chairs

  1. Mi piacciono molto le proposte. La 6 e la 7 hanno catturato la mia attenzione. La 6 perché amo il connubio velluto e ottone e la 7 perché sono proprio alla ricerca di poltrona a dondolo 🙂


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    • Thanks Ingrid! Yes the Ikea one is exactly the type of chair I have in mind. I am hoping to find a vintage one at a flea market, here in London there are so many 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!


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