New Finds: Woodandot

The pictures of Pelican Shelves  are very popular on Pinterest and magazines, but I was so surprised when I saw the rest of the collection of the Spanish Brand Woodendot:


woodendot-pelican- SHELVES

Their philosophy is based on a modern interpretation of the famous less is more:  “fewer, but better”: fewer products but with more emotional value, easier to use with several functionalities, long-lasting, and transcending mere trends. I think they got it spot on. Have a look at these Storage Coffee Tables:


batea- coffe table


But their accessories are also super minimal and nice. The Kesito Desktop Organiser is very beautiful, flexible and … affordable, I think I need to get myself one…




And those Etna mini candle holders? Aren’t they cute?


Have a look on the Woodendot website for a full catalogue and prices. What’s your favourite?


p.s. All comments are mine, I am not affiliated with the brand in any way. Pictures are from Woodendot website.

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