5 Tips to pick a Minimal Bookcase

Hello! Today I’m sharing with you, 5 tips to pick a minimal bookcase for your house:

5 tips to choose a minimal bookcase

1. Space: considering how much space you have is the first step, I love long walls covered by books, but in small flats, it could suffocate the space. Look for something modular, that can grow together with your collection…

K1 Kryptonite: Long Bookcase Display
K1 Kryptonite: Long Bookcase Display
vistoe - small bookcase system
Vitsoe 606 Universal shelving system  – Small modular bookcase

2. Measure: How many books do you have? Simple lay them down and measure them considering that your collection might grow…I love the beautiful Ptolomeo bookcase, but I knew it won’t work half empty…

p tolometo opinion ciatti
Ptolomeo bookcase – looks great if it’s full…

3. Colour: books are generally a colourful item by itself, so a neutral tone for bookcase is generally a good rule (white or black, but also light wood)

colourful books organised by colour
Neutral tones bookcase lets you express your colourful book collection (photo Source)

4. Free-standing or wall mounted: freestanding elements are great, especially if you are renting a flat, no need to fix it to the wall and you can easily move it with you. Fixed elements are more of a feature, they’ll generally support more weight, and they free up space at the bottom part of the floor.

String System bookshelves Wall Mounted. (Photo :Petra Bindel)
String System bookshelves (Photo :Petra Bindel)
K2 Kryptonite bookshelves
K2 Kryptonite | Smart use to divide the space

5. Be creative: why not using a simple ladder, like in this lovely Gothenburg Flat? Or maybe just some minimal shelves stacked one on top of the other?

teebook_wall mounted bookshelf
TeeBooks | 4 Wall mounted bookshelves
e15 Profil shelf
E15 Profil shelf | Very minimal and sculptural looking
scandinavian small flat
IKEA Lack shelves can create a minimal bookcase

And, finally here’s my shortlist:

5 minimal bookshelves

1. Opinion Ciatti – Ptolomeo / 2. Normann Copenhagen – One step up / 3. IKEA – Fjälkinge / 4. String Furniture – Pocket / 5. Kryptonite – K1 / 6. Habitat – Jessie / 7. Bluesuntree – C-Book Shelves / 8. Teebooks – U modular shelves

I hope this little tips will be helpful, it took me 1 year to decide which one will be the perfect bookcase for my flat. Which one is your favourite?


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