A DIY Restaurant by IKEA

Yesterday I visited the new IKEA pop up Restaurant in London Shoreditch (East London)

ikea diy restaurant

The Dining Club (that’s what it’s called)  features a DIY restaurant where you’re the chef, an IKEA cafe, serving Swedish delicacies, inspiring workshops, and a small shop too.

ikea popup diy store

The idea is that you can prepare you own meal on this beautiful and fully equipped kitchen, together with your friends and under the guidance of a Chef. Then you sit down and enjoy the meal you just prepared.

I think the idea is great, but I was very disappointed as I tough yesterday we will be able to do some group cooking and get more involved, instead it was just a sample of what this new DIY restaurant will be.


A few chefs were cooking and we could just taste samples or get involved in few bits. Also the all menu was based on FISH 😦 and ….I don’teat fish 😦

It was good,anyway ,to have a look around: the shop was small but full of all kind of kitchen tools:

I couldn’t resisting buying a beautiful recipe book for just 10£ ( and of course grabbing a goody bag with the new IKEA Catalogue 2017, which is full of beautiful things !!!).

ikea diy restaurant

The cafe is the area I liked the most:


It’s built with simple and cheap materials, inside a big industrial building, it’s very peaceful and relaxing, you can order drinks and food and enjoy a piece of calm in one of the  busiest parts of London (while using the free WIFI connection)


WHAT I’D LIKE: The cafe with Swedish delicacies, and free WIFI is the best 🙂

WHAT I DON’T LIKE: Even tough I booked a time slot, there was no cooking involved:-(

WHAT I WOULD CHANGE: I would offer a more broad menu (not just fish…), also considering vegetarian people ….

If you’re in London go and have a look at it, it definitely worth a visit. More info on the IKEA website

I Hope you’ll enjoy it! Let me know if you’ll visit it…




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