But beautiful things are expensive…that’s not true. Well at least not all of them.

When I see something that I really like in a Magazine or Online, I am always trying and think how to replicate that style in an easy and more economic way.

i love beautifulthings

Let’s take our TV stand for example:

When I worked for a top Italian architect in Milan we used to design those lovely TV units, clad in stone or exclusive (and expensive) wood. I knew it would be impossible to fit a custom made TV unit on our tiny little flat (or afford one!).


I started to look around and IKEA is always the best solution in terms of price and flexibility. I bought 4 pieces of BESTA (I’m not sure if they’ve still available online but is basically the central piece of this TV Stand) The model with a full door all in a gloss or matt white looks very clean and simple.


I really like the idea of having extra space to hide stuff inside the 4 cabinets and when we have friends we place few cushions on top so it can easily transform it to a bench:


Add cushions to convert to a guest bench

The floor lamp is “Lampreira Floor Lamp” from the Portuguese brand brancosobrebranco , while the pictures on the wall are some of my photos (I will do a post on those soon)

WHAT I LIKE: It’s simple and practical

WHAT I DON’T LIKE: It’s really hard to have the 4 doors perfectly aligned 😦

WHAT I’D CHANGE: If I could I will place a nice stone piece on top to make it look more solid and expensive (one day maybe…)

And what about you?  What’s your favourite TV stand?



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